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Homemade Viennese cuisine

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Experience the incomparable taste of Vienna with our homemade, authentic dishes. Our kitchen uses only the freshest, regional ingredients to offer you the best of Viennese cuisine.

Meatball soup

Start your meal with our hearty meatball soup. This aromatic broth, filled with juicy, homemade meatballs, fresh vegetables and finely balanced spices, is the perfect starter to whet your appetite. A traditional Viennese classic that brings warmth and comfort to any bowl.

Wiener Schnitzel

Try our famous Wiener Schnitzel - a golden-brown breaded veal schnitzel, crispy and tender at the same time. This classic dish is traditionally served with a squeeze of lemon and a side of potato salad or parsley potatoes. A must for anyone who wants to experience true Viennese cuisine.


Our hearty goulash is a highlight of Viennese cuisine. This slow-cooked beef ragout is prepared with a perfectly balanced blend of paprika and spices, which give it its distinctive, rich flavor. Served with fresh bread or bread dumplings, it is the ideal dish for cold days.

Fried chicken salad

Enjoy our fresh fried chicken salad - crispy baked chicken pieces served on a bed of crunchy lettuce, finished with a light, tangy dressing. This salad is a perfect blend of hearty and fresh, ideal for those looking for a lighter yet filling meal.


To top it all off, you should try our Kaiserschmarrn. This fluffy, caramelized pancake is torn into bite-sized pieces and served with a fruity compote garnish. A sweet treat that will make your taste buds dance and is the perfect end to a successful meal.

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