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If you have any questions about allergen labeling, please contact our service staff.


Small dishes

Heurigen-style breads

Viennese baked goods

The ERZHERZOGTUM recommends:

We serve our baked specialties with a mixed salad.

Vegetarian dishes

Main courses

Side dish



The “Palaschinkenkuchl” was located in this market stall for over 40 years.

We want to continue this tradition. Our pancake dough is organic and we source our jams from the Viennese manufacturer “Staud's”.

Each pancake is freshly baked for you in the iron pan!

Pancakes with “Staud's” jam



Pancakes with Nutella


ERZHERZOGTUM pancakes with currant jam, hazelnut brittle and chocolate sauce

Pancakes with poppy seed filling and sour cream

Pancakes with curd cheese filling and vanilla sauce


The ERZHERZOGTUM recommends:

Freshly baked Kaiserschmarrn in the iron pan
served with stewed plums (Austrian) and apple sauce, if desired also without raisins!

(eine Pfanne für zwei Personen,
Waiting time approx. 40 minutes)


*Coffee for breakfast:
-small black / small brown

-Extended black / Extended brown

-Melange / Cappuccino

À la Carte

Drinks prices include 20 % VAT & food prices include 10 % VAT Tip is not included!

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