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Beef soup with sliced pancake                                        6,20 €
Beef soup with liver dumplings                                     7,40 €



Viennese escargot snails in garlic parsley butter       15,00 €

Beef tongue carpaccio                                                   12,00 €
“Sacher” sausages with mustard and horseradish        7,30 €
“Sacher” sausages with Goulash sauce                          9,50 €
Mixed salad with goat cheese                                        9,30 €

Open Sandwiches “Heurigen style”

Dark house bread made from sourdough topped with                                                

Liptauer (with fresh sheep cheese)                       7,30 €
Lard with greaves and onions                                7,30 €
Ham and horseradish                                             8,30 €
Austrian mountain cheese and black pepper      8,30 €

Viennese Fried Specialties

Viennese Schnitzel (pork)                                 17,50 €
Original Viennese Schnitzel (veal)                  24,90 €
Horse Leberkäse                                                 14,90 €
Cordon bleu (pork)                                            21,50 €

ERHERZOGTUM recommends:
Old Viennese “Backfleisch” sirloin
marinated with mustard and horseradish      28,50 €

Fried pike-perch fillets                                      20,50 €

All fried specialties are served with a homemade mixed salad.

Vegetarian Courses

Pancakes filled with spinach and sheep cheese,
served with green salad                                                                      13,90 €
Roasted dumplings with scrambled eggs,
served with a green salad                                                                   13,90 €
Baked mountain cheese with mixed salad                                       17,50 €
Nockerl (homemade spaetzle)
with scrambled eggs or cheese and green salad                              13,90 €

Main Courses

Viennese goulash (beef) with Nockerl (homemade spaetzle)
or bread dumplings                                                                             18,50 €

Bratwurst with fried potatoes and onion mustard                         14,90 €
Roasted horse Leberkäse with mashed potatoes                            14,90 €  

Beef tongue cooked with mashed potatoes
and fresh horseradish                                                                         18,50 €    
Minced escallop (veal) with mashed potatoes                                20,50 €

Roasted beef with onions and fried potatoes                                 28,50 €

Pike-perch fillets roasted in the pan
with parsley potatoes and green salad                                             20,50 €


OUR HOMEMADE SALADS   each  4,90 €                                             

Potato salad

Cabbage salad

Cucumber salad

Green salad

Mixed salad

AS WELL AS   each  4,90 €                                            

French fries

Fried potatoes

Parsley potatoes

Mashed potatoes

Nockerl (homemade spaetzle)

Bread dumplings

SMALL DELIGHTS                                            

Fermented pickles from the market           3,60 €

Ketchup                                                         0,90 €

Estragon mustard                                         0,90 €

Sauce Tartar / Mayonnaise                         0,90 €

Cranberries                                                    1,60 €

House bread or roll                                       1,50 €


For over 40 years this market stall was home to the “Palaschinkenkuchl” restaurant. We want to keep the tradition of making the legendary pancakes. The homemade dough we use is of organic quality. We get our jams from the Viennese manufacturer “Staud’s”. 

Each pancake comes fresh out of the pan!


Pancakes with “Staud’s” jam
-Sour cherry
Pancakes with Nutella
                                                                            1 piece             4,20 €
                                                                            2 pieces           7,90 €
                                                                            3 pieces         10,50 €
with currant jam, hazelnut brittle and chocolate sauce

Pancakes with poppy seeds and plum filling and sour cream sauce

Pancakes with curd cheese filling and vanilla sauce

                                                                            2 pieces           9,50 €

ERHERZOGTUM recommends:
Freshly baked Kaiserschmarrn (scrambled sweet pancakes) in an iron pan
served with roasted plums and apple sauce, also without raisins if desired!
One pan for two people
(Preparation time 40 minutes)                                                    27,80 €  


* Coffee for breakfast: 
- Espress/Espresso with milk
- Melange/Cappuccino
- Americano

SMALL SWEET BREAKFAST                                              8,30 €
Coffee* or tea, , BIO-butter, and
BIO-jam or honey of your choice, roll or bread
SMALL SAVOURY BREAKFAST                                         9,90 €
Coffee* or tea, BIO-butter, and
ham and mountain cheese, roll or bread

SMALL VEGETARIAN BREAKFAST                                 7,20 €
Coffee* or tea, sourdough bread with chives

PANCAKE BREAKFAST                                                       9,70 €
Coffee* or tea and two pancakes
with BIO-jam or maple syrup of your choice

VIENNESE BREAKFAST                                                     17,30 €
Coffee* or tea, soft-boiled BIO-egg,
BIO-butter, ham and mountain cheese,
BIO-jam and honey, bread and roll,
1/8l freshly squeezed orange juice

SAVOURY BREAKFAST                                                      16,00 €
Coffee* or tea, ham and eggs made
with two BIO-eggs, BIO-butter, roll and bread,
1/8l freshly squeezed orange juice

NASCHMARKT BREAKFAST                                           15,00 €
Coffee* or tea, scrambled eggs of two BIO-eggs,
sourdough bread with chives,
1/8l freshly squeezed orange juice

ERZHERZOGTUM BREAKFAST FOR TWO                49,00 €                                               
each: a glass of Austrian sparkling wine,
coffee* or tea and 1/8l freshly squeezed orange juice
together: truffled scrambled eggs made
with four BIO-eggs, sourdough bread with chives,
ham and mountain cheese, BIO-jam
and honey of your choice, BIO-butter, bread and rolls

Á la Carte

Chive or parsley bread                                                              4,80 €
Soft-boiled BIO-egg                                                                  2,90 €

Scrambled eggs made with three BIO-eggs                           8,60 €

Scrambled eggs, truffled, made with three BIO-eggs         17,50 €

Ham and eggs made with three BIO- eggs                           11,50 €

BIO-honey muesli with milk                                                  5,80 €

Portion of BIO-butter                                                              1,40 €

Portion of STAUD’s VIENNA jam                                         2,90 €

Sourdough bread, one slice                                                      1,50 €

Roll, one piece                                                                           1,50 €

Orange juice, freshly squeezed 1/8l                                        3,50 €

                                                      1/4l                                        5,80 €

Beverage prices include 20% VAT
& food prices include 10% VAT
Tipping is not included!